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SML Instrument Models

ModelStart #End #
Stencils unknown unknown
Rev. A 1 4,500
Coleman Hawkins Series 2,515 6,700
Rev. B 4,500 6,700
Super Series 4,500 7,300
Rev C. 7,300 8,300
Rev. D 8,300 15,000
Gold Medal 15,000 26,500
Standard Models 20,200 27,000
King Marigaux Stencil 20,200 2,700

SML History

Strasser Marigaux & Lemaire was founded in 1934 by three partners: Charles Strasser, a businessman who was born in Switzerland; Marigaux, an instrument maker who trained at Buffet-Crampon, where his father was "premier ouvrier," and Lemaire.

After the death of Lemaire many years ago, Strasser and Marigaux bought their partner's shares and the company became known as "Strasser-Marigaux." Marigaux died in the early 1970s, leaving Strasser the sole owner of the company. Strasser then sold SML (it continues to use these initials) to a holding company -- Strasser-Marigaux S.A..1

SML began making saxophones when the company was founded -- two years before Selmer introduced its revolutionary Balanced Action saxophone. SML ceased production of saxes in 1982; at the time, the company was making 400 saxes a year. It was also selling saxes to King Musical Instruments, which marketed them under the name,"King Marigaux." A company spokesperson said SML stopped making saxophones because "we just couldn't compete with Selmer anymore."1

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Footnotes & References

  1. From Fred Cicetti's article

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