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The Conn Connqueror 26M & 30M

This horn is the big brother to the 6/10M (there are no Connqueror sopranos, baritones or basses). It's essentially the same horn, but with more features:

(See the excellent features on a 292xxx alto1 and a 294xxx tenor2)

  • Silver keytouches
  • Adjustment screws for EVERYTHING
  • Adjustable thumbrest
  • Underslung octave key on all horns
  • Enlarged G# cluster
  • Stunning intonation

These horns also appear to have a variation on the model VIII neck, used on the best 6M altos.

These horns were available in lacquer with silver keytouches, silver plate and gold plate, but horns in anything other than lacquer are rare to the point of being ludicrous. Gold plated horns may also feature custom engraving, as with the 284xxx alto, below.

I've found that has an original flyer from Conn for these horns. It's an Adobe PDF file and it's big, but worth it (it has considerable additional information. If it's removed from, try HERE).

I've recently had the opportunity to toot a very good condition 30M at Ron & Jo Robbins' Band Instrument Repair Shop out here in Mesa, Arizona and I've become a Conn believer: I don't generally play anymore, but I was able to get a suprisingly decent sound with a Selmer C* on this horn. The intonation was outstanding and even the bell keys spoke easily. My only complaint is with the G# cluster and low C/Eb keys: not only do I think that they aren't placed quite far enough away (I've got big hands), their action is almost perpindicular to the horn's body. I may be able to get used to it, but it is a significantly different feel than all the other horns I've played.

Models, Finishes, Engravings & Prices

  • 26M Eb Alto
  • 30M Bb Tenor
  • 20 : Clear lacquer.
  • 21 : Gold lacquer.
  • 2 : Silver plate, gold wash bell.
  • 0 : Satin gold plate.
  • 00 : Burnished gold plate.

Most Connquerors featured a variation of the Artist model engraving: it's a bit more elaborate. The gold plated models, however, featured custom engraving.

26M 30M
00 315 410
0 275 370
2 175 210
21 150 180
20 150 180

A price chart, in 1935 dollars. ONE 1935 dollar = 13.58 2006 dollars.3

(In other words, multiply the above by 13.58 to get an idea of what one of these horns would cost today.)

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