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The SML Coleman Hawkins Series

A special model of the SML was designed for their best spokesman, Coleman Hawkins.

    There are at least two versions of this horn:
  • Rev. A (#251x - #45xx): A horn patterned after the Rev. A horns and has left-hand-side bell keys (and slightly different keyguards) -- and seems to be the model Hawkins actually used.
  • Rev. B (#45xx - #67xx): A horn patterned after the Rev. B horns and has right-hand-side bell keys.

In both instances, these horns feature quite elaborate, but different, engraving. Both feature rolled tone holes and seem to have bigger bells than their Rev. A or B brethren.

Coleman Hawkins only used SML horns in Europe, according to some documentation I've seen, because he was under contract to support a different brand in the US.

These are particularly rare horns and will command a premium over other Rev. A and B models.

Oh. I tend to doubt that there were any horns other than alto and tenor available -- and available only in silver plate.

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