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The Martin Handcraft Committee II

Stunning engraving of a lion, crown and several other "martial" stuff on the bell (wordplay on the Martin name, I'd assume). This shows the genesis of one of these horn's nicknames: "The Martin Lion and Crown model".

These are supposed to be the best Martin models, especially as far as intonation goes. Looking closely at the pictures, though, these horns seem to have a smaller bore than the Committee ("The Martin __") horns that follow and would thus not project as well as they do, but better intonation is better than great projection. I've also been told that the keywork on these horns is not very ergonomic, but then again, neither is the Committee's -- nor any other Martin model (for instance, the Master model).

Please note that not all of these horns have the "Comm. II" engraving near the serial number.

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