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400 "Top Hat" replated tenor.  Thanks to www.worldwidesax.com.
S1 150th Anniversary alto.
10M Artist replated tenor.  Thanks to www.vintagesax.com
Monopole Conservatory lacquer alto "Bel Air" model baritone.  Thanks to www.usahorn.com Eb Tubax.  Thanks to www.usahorn.com
Acrylic Alto. Rudy Wiedoeft silver plated alto. New King (III) lacquer tenor.  Thanks to www.worldwidesax.com
Super 20 (series I) gold-plated alto.  Thanks to www.saxquest.com. "VKS" model nickel-silver alto Leblanc System "two tone" tenor.  Thanks to www.worldwidesax.com
Artist model "two-tone" tenor. Committee ("The Martin") replated alto.  Thanks to www.vintagesax.com Opera (Martin-designed) silver alto.

Note that some models are Buffet Dynaction stencils
Robert Martin Constellation silver-plated tenor Antoine-Joseph Sax brass Eb bari.  Thanks to SAXTEK. Mark VI lacquer alto.  Thanks to www.vintagesax.com
Gold Medal "I" lacquer tenor. 875ex black lacquer alto.  Thanks to www.usahorn.com 9937 sterling silver tenor.  Thanks to www.usahorn.com
Linton Cotrabass Clarinet Kalison "two tone" curved Eb sopranino Jim Schmidt's C Contralto



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What's the Best Saxophone for Me?

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I've written a few more there that I haven't linked and some CD reviews, too.


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