Reference 36 & 54
(dated 2000 and later)


Selmer had a great idea as 2000 opened: reintroduce two of their most famous saxophones and equip them with more "modern" keywork. These are the new "Reference" series horns.

The Reference 36 lacquer tenor (currently only available in this configuration) is a variation on the Balanced Action horns (introduced circa 1936). The lacquer is definitely darker than the Series III horns -- an effort to make the horn look older (the lacquer on most horns gets darker with age).

The Reference 54 "polished brass" tenor (currently only available in this configuration) is a variation on the Mark VI (introduced circa 1954). The horn is essentially bare-brass, because (supposedly) the Mark VI played better and had a more open sound without lacquer.

I believe it's quite probable that these horns have similar, if not identical, body tubes to the originals. Their keywork is significantly different, though, as well as having the Super 80-style bell-to-body brace.

There is considerably more information about these horns HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.



Reference 36
Reference 54



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