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Lacquer Bb Tenor

Selmer (London) Pennsylvania
(appx. 1935 to appx. 1960)

This beautiful horn was, according to info that I've been able to determine on various discussion boards, a non-professional-professional horn (like the Yamaha 62's) that Selmer produced in the UK from about 1935 to about 1960.

It is within the realm of possibility that Selmer had a different company produce these horns, but I find that difficult to believe: the only company in the UK capable of producing a large volume of these horns would be Boosey & Hawkes, but they themselves generally stenciled their horns from other companies (most notably Keilwerth). However, I've recently received information that Selmer may have had a Czech company stencil some horns from them -- that would mean Amati or Kohlert.

I believe it is possible that this horn was Selmer's replacement in the UK for the Adolphe Sax line, which was produced approximately the same time as the Supers.

The owner (and some other posts I've seen), say that these horns don't play as good as the contemporary Selmer horns and, while these horns had a premium price when they were available for sale, they're currently not worth even half as much as the Selmer (Paris) horns.


Selmer (USA) Manhattan
(s/n range and dates not available)

This is another in the series of Selmer horns named after various cities in the US. It's also another stencil made by yet a different company -- this time it's Martin.

I think it's kinda amusing to see a Selmer with bevelled tone holes ...

I have no information on the date range that these horns were produced. I can say that the engraving looks very similar to that of the Martin Committee models of the 50's-60's, but the keywork looks too much like the earlier Handcraft models of the 30's. Check out my Martin page to compare and contrast.




Selmer New York
(dated appx. 1914 to 1935)

As afore mentioned, Conn owned 49% of Selmer (USA). While it is said that Selmer (USA) originally got parts of horns from Selmer (Paris) and then assembled the horns in the US, I believe that Selmer decided that arrangement was too expensive and just licensed the name to Conn.

These horns ARE NOT made by Selmer in any way, shape or form. They are Conn models, similar in design to the Wonder or New Wonder horns, depending on the date of manufacture. They also have a patent date of 1914, 1915 or 1917 and have the traditional Conn "Mercedes-Benz" low C keyguard, but don't have rolled tone holes.

It is probable that there are sopranino and bass models. I just don't have any pictures of them.


Bb Soprano (Curved)
C Soprano
Eb Alto
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C Melody Tenor
Bb Tenor
Eb Baritone
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