From: Jim Dunlavey []
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 11:44 PM
Subject: Help with a Dolnet Identification
Hello Pete,
Your site seems to be one of the most comprehensive regarding old Dolnet saxophones!  I've acquired one (simply liked the sax, not knowing anything about it) and was wondering if you could help or provide guidance in learning more about it.
The saxophone came from a little music shop in Argentina and required a fair amount of clean-up (pad replacement, clean-up, re-seating of some keys) but now plays wonderfully.  I'm interested in learning more about the sax (age, type, value, etc...) and am having a very hard time finding anything that matches it.
It's a silver-colored (although I believe it to be nickel because it's not tarnished too badly) alto sax, bell keys are on the inside (left) of the bell rather than outside, and it doesn't have the normal Dolnet art-deco keyguards.  The bell inscription is very simple, with a serial number of 9677.  Pictures are included.
Any help you can give would be most appreciated!
Thank you and thanks for a great site,