From: Benedikt Eppelsheim []
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 2:57 AM
To: Peter James Hales
Subject: Re: Tubax/Soprillo
Dear Mr. Hales,
thank you for beig interested in my instruments.
Iíve been watching the development of the Soprillo and Tubax for several years now and Iím happy to say that a few friends and acquaintances of mine have purchased Eb and Bb Tubaxes.
However, a couple of questions:

Iím told that you will be producing a Tubax in the key of C.  When will this be available?  Do you have any pictures available?
I can offer the C Tubax on special order, only. So far, I have made only one for Swiss Thomas Mejer. In the attachment, there is an image of him
and Peter A. Schmid with their tubaxes in C and Eb. The waiting period would be about one year for the Bb and C (not the Eb) Tubax.
Do you have any further literature and pricing information regarding the Tubax in Eb, Bb or C and the Soprillo?
I do not have any further literature on my instruments; please feel free to ask more in detail.
The price for the Bb and C Tubax is EUR 15510 (Eb Tubax price = EUR 14100 + 10 %), which is at the moment (1 EUR = 1,15 USD) 17837 Dollars. Shipping will cost about 500 EUR; US customs is 5%, and fees for a customs broker about 300 USD, as far as I know.
Since the price is settled in EUR, the US price may vary with the USD / EUR exchange rate.
Will the Soprillo be available in any other pitch?
No- do you think this could be interesting?
Iím told that there is a waiting list for the Soprillo and the Tubax.  How long is it and what is the wait time?
The Eb Tubax is available within 5 or 6 months, at the moment, and (I hope) the Soprillo, too. Its price will be about 1800 EUR net.
Ö and a note: the English version of your website says the Soprillo is an Eb instrument.  The German version correctly places it as a Bb instrument.
Thanks; I did not notice this.
With kind regards
Benedikt Eppelsheim