From: Benedikt Eppelsheim []
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 1:17 AM
To: Pete Hales
Subject: Rere: Sorry, I forgot...

Actually, I could suggest a couple of pitches for soprano/sopranino 
instruments: an Ab sopranino saxophpne (i.e. a horn in approximately the 
same range as the Ab sopranino clarinet) and an A soprano.  I've also had a 
couple of people request G soprano instruments.
I'm extemely happy to see that you're introducing saxophones pitched in C.  
Are there any possibilities of re-introducing a C tenor or C soprano?  I 
think I could introduce you to a market of about 100 for each!  There's also 
a returning market for F instruments: the popularity and value of the old 
Conn F mezzo-soprano and Conn-O-Sax is extremely high.
Donīt forget: This is no factory, but a small workshop of 2,5 people.
I cannot afford to make a lot of tools for some saxophone specialties and then use them only three times a year.
For the Tubaxes, this is different, as with a few tricks I can take the same body and keywork parts as for Eb, except for the straight tubes.
Since the C tenors and sopranos still sell at about 500 to 1000 EUR, I think there cannot be much market.
Concerning Conn-O saxes, this might be different.
 Finally, thanks very much for pictures of the bass.  Beautifully redesigned 
neck.  Does this horn have the same kind of keywork mechanism that you have 
on the Tubax?
Corresponding to the body wrap, the keywork is designed more conventionally, too.
Of course, there will be a lot of similarities in detail, i.e. in order to use the same small parts.
Sincerely yours
Benedikt Eppelsheim