Buescher Bass Sax Upper Stack
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Silver Plated Tenor Saxophone
Stenciled by Holton
15,xxx s/n (est. built 1935 to 1941)
newer soft gigbag, offered without mouthpiece

beautiful satin silver plate is 95%+ 

One of the few examples of silver plated saxophones built after about 1932, this fine Gretsch tenor was custom made by Holton, who incorporated many Conn features into it. Upon first glance the appearance is all '10M', and it is only after close examination that the sax can be identified as a Holton product.  The uncanny resemblance to the 10M does not stop at cosmetics. This tenor has that deep, blustery voice and super response for which the 10M is legendary. The action is very good, though probably not quite up to full 10M standards -- but then, neither is the price....

Like a 10M, this tenor responds well to different mouthpieces. It is capable of screaming RnR or R&B sounds with a big Dukoff, or purring out smooth, sophisticated sounds with a Selmer metal Jazz 'piece. The bebop 'honk' with a vintage rubber Link is incredible. I would keep this fine instrument for myself, but it deserves to be in loving hands where it is played -- and heard -- regularly. 

The condition is lovely. There is no evidence of any major damage repair, and very little in the way of noticeable dings or dents. The neck is very good, though it apparently wasn't always bagged as it should have been. We've taken out the neck dings, but some smudges to the plating remain if you look closely. The 5% or so plating wear is mainly on the key touches, however there is also some very minor pitting on a few brightly polished pad cup surfaces. The plating is excellent for an original job of this vintage. 

We've touched up the overall polish on the silver plate, which responded nicely to rubbing with a treated Hagerty polish cloth. You can see from the lead pic that the sax will simply glow in stage lighting. In fact, it was so bright in the photo set that it literally caused the first group of our shots to be so over exposed we had to re shoot! If you want a classic silver vintage tenor at a bargain price please don't let this one get away. I know I will one day want to kick myself for selling it ....

(Left) full left view; (Center) details of upper stack & spatula cluster; (Right) full rear view 


(Left) closer right view; (Center) neck close up & lower stack details - note G# trill key; (Right) lower rear details

Thank you for your interest in this fine vintage Gretsch tenor saxophone, offered at $865, plus shipping.

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