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Date:  Mon, 10 Nov 2003 20:56:22 -0000
   Subject:  Fw: Dolnet tenor, or maybe not?
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----- Original Message ----- 
From: Robert HOGG 
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 8:20 PM
Subject: Dolnet tenor, or maybe not?


First, can I say who I am.  I am middle aged, always admired the Sax but like
most people too involved with School, Kids, earning a crust to have time for a
musical instrument, too poor when young, too busy when older, (you've heard it
all before, I know).  I only say that with this request, please don't get too
tekkie or virtuoso 'cos I'm only a 'newbie'.

About two years ago, the great wheel of misfortune decided to dump on me and put
me in a wheelchair, sound in wind but not in lower limb.  I've achieved an awful
lot since then and proud of it, now the time has come - - SAXOPHONE!!!!!!!!.

I read up on the beasts and then took the plunge and bought a Tenor on eBay for
a reasonable sum, advertised as a 'Caravelle, Brittany', vintage, the only
references I could find on the Web were those left in Forums by the vendor who
was obviously just as keen to find out about it as I was. It looked good so I
bought it anyway. 

When I got hands on so to speak it became obvious that the Caravelle name had
been put in by Engineers stamp to the right rear of the Bell (about 4 o-clock
looking down in the playing position), I think this is no more than an owners
mark, a Hotel or Cruise Ship band instrument maybe.  BUT - what is it?.

 On one site I found a reference to a distinctive Dolnet engraving which seemed
to be inspired by the graphic illustration of magnetic fields using a bar
magnet, a sheet of paper and some iron filings and I thought WOW!.  Subsequent
searches led me to your Dolnet section, hence my e-mail.

My Tenor certainly has an engraving similar to that, it has mother of pearl
buttons on the keyguards, but they resemble Alto one piece keyguards rather than
the seperate Tenors guards.

It had been covered with gold lacquer which had been crudely removed except for
some hard to get at bits, and looked as though it had been 'scraped' instead of

The mechanics seem sound if a little stiff, needs a bit of oil and some loving
care, there is no perceptible axial movement in the supports and only the
slightest 'tick' end to end which I would suggest is no more than reasonable
clearance, the end pin screws show no signs of use or abuse. (I do have
experience in engineering). Either it has had little use or has undergone a
proffessional service during its life.

It has a very low serial No 04110 but has the diamond crossbrace which you
suggest is post 50's, up to 80's.

I have attached some photo's, the engraving is shown in black and white, I tried
various methods, including Colour, Sepiatone and Polarised but Monotone seems to
display it at its best.

If these pics are of any use use please use them without further permission from

Please don't tell me it's an Indian Clone, I understand there are a few about.

Cheers, Bob HOGG.

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