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True Tone Series: Snap-On Pads


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Snap-On Pads

Yes, "Snap-On", not "Snap-In". Hey, the former is in the Buescher documentation I've seen. Sorry to disappoint.


There were two Snap-On patents:

Date Applied
Date Granted
FA Buescher
FA Buescher

The 1921 patent is the one that's actually stamped on the Snap-Ons, themselves. Also note that the Snap-Ons had the same finish that the horn did.

The good folks at Cybersax also have an article on the Snap-On pads. It's at http://www.cybersax.com/Buescher%20Resto%20Issues.html.

Places like musicmedic.com (which conveniently lists your Buescher pad sizes in millimeters) still sell Buescher Snap-Ons and several higher-end repairmen can "remanufacture" the Snaps (see the Cybersax article, above).

A post-1921 horn without Snaps is not worth as much as a horn with Snaps and most folks that buy Bueschers look for them.

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The ad at the top of this page is from a 1928 catalog; thanks to Pete Thomas. The latter eight pics are from a 1928 Buescher care guide; thanks to Luis Difino.



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