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Thanks to All!
Thanks to:
Who'z Dat?
Poster at SOTW
Thanks for pics of his extremely rare s/n 182 alto.
Gayle Fredenburgh

Gayle is one of the original supporters of this 'site, who said four years ago, "Sure. Go ahead and use the pictures from my website. The extra advertising can't hurt."

Since then, I've directed quite a few people her way to buy horns: she has an unparalleled selection at a great price, she posts on SOTW, everone seems extremely happy with the deals she has and she's very knowledgeable about saxophones in general.

Several hundred pictures from VintageSax.com over the last four years were used in the creation of saxpics.com, in general, and many found their way into these Conn pages. They are, unquestionably (and no offense to anyone else here!) the highest quality pictures I've seen.

Steve Goodson
Steve's donated many, many pictures, advertisements and other information for the re-creation of this Conn 'site (his Conn History Article is one of the the main texts that I've used -- and corrected and otherwise shredded :).
Steve "Sarge" Stransky

Steve's "Saxteacher" websites were some of the first I came across when I started building my many versions of saxpics.com, and were the highest quality ones that I could find (it's currently located HERE, but it's under construction).

Steve has donated dozens of pictures to this website, including many rare New Wonder Artist's Special and Virtuoso Deluxe horns.

Steve is a well-respected dealer and many "big name" folks talk with him first to get a new (old) horn or to get their horns fixed.

Reasonable prices, great selection.

NAPBIRT technician, performer and sax historian

SAXTEK owns way too many of these ultra-rare horns that you'd expect that only Paul Cohen might have (let's see: a Conn-O-Sax in mint condition, F Mezzo Soprano, Buescher Straight Alto in green enamel ...)

Anyhow, SAXTEK has been extremely helpful by donating a bunch of pictures of extremely rare horns, sound clips and information. He's also a nice guy.

bill kasper
former webmaster of the brilliant amazing grace website (now offline), current webmaster of vintagesax.com, sax historian and sotw poster.

the e.e. cumming-esque bill kasper ran one of the all-time best engraving websites out there, amazing grace: a website that didn't primarily focus on the saxophone, but did focus on what i think is the most alluring thing about the saxophone: its engraving.

bill contributed several pictures of ultra-rare horns to this conn mini-site, as well as to other pages here at saxpics.com, as well as soundbytes.

his three-way discussion with paul lindemeyer and me about the "portrait engraved" conn's formed the basis of my new wonder virtuoso deluxe and new wonder artist's special pages.

Paul Lindemeyer
Noted sax historian and writer of Celebrating the Saxophone, performer and regular SOTW poster.

As noted above, Paul helped by initiating a couple of threads on SOTW regarding Conn model names and numbers, serial number ranges and production end dates (four or five threads, if I recall correctly). Thankfully, he also provided data to work from too, not just random assertions.

Also as mentioned, Paul has a wonderful book about the saxophone that concentrates on various players and how they've shaped the sax scene -- and it's got some killer pics. If you haven't bought or checked it out (the Scottsdale, AZ library has a copy), it's now available in paperback for about $15 US. It's a good buy.

Finally, some of the pictures herein aren't from Paul, but they are of horns he currently owns.

John G. Ripley
An e-mail contributor.

John has contributed a lot of information about the Conn horns: serial number ranges for features, model numbers and names, etc., etc.

He's footnoted a few times in this 'site. Thanks, John!

Elke and Mark Overton
Owners of Saxquest.com and performers extrodinaire.

A (relatively) new addition to the Internet sales thing, Saxquest.com offers some great horns at really, really good prices -- and some really rare things, too (check out that F mezzo!).

The Saxquest folks have contributed dozens of pictures to this 'site and I'm incredibly thankful.

An e-mail contributor.
Thanks for contributing pics of your s/n 212xxx gold-wash alto!
Morgan Witthoft
An e-mail contributor, regular SOTW poster, performer, eBay salesman and Texan.

Morgan is possibly best known on this 'site as the person whose SML pictures turned me into the SMLunatic I now am -- and helped launch a research project spanning some three years.

Morgan has contributed a bunch of rare pics of Artist's Special horns, as well as soundbytes.

If you see one of his many eBay auctions under the gone2dogz name, just go ahead and buy the horn already!

Italian-based sax gallery, webshop, reapair shop and collector's den.

The good folks at centrostudimusicali have been gracious enough to contribute tons of pictures of rare horns for this website.

You can see these folks on eBay every now and then selling everything from curved sopraninos to contrabasses.

Jason DuMars
Performer and webmaster of saxophone.org

The original sax-site.

Jason discontinued his own FTP sax gallery a few months back in favor of mine. Before he closed it, I glommed several great pictures for this website. Please enjoy them -- they're excellent.

That's all I can remember at the moment. The above folks actively contributed to the creation of this Conn mini-site.
If I've forgotten you, please accept my apologies and drop me a line.

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