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Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire Produced Horns


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Models (click on a picture to go to the feature page)
Prototypes and "Rev. A" Models
(s/n 0 to 45xx)
"Rev. B" Models
(s/n: 45xx to 67xx)
Coleman Hawkins Models
(s/n: 325x? to 67xx?)
Super or "Transitional" Models
(s/n 45xx to 73xx)
"Rev. C" Models
(s/n 73xx to 83xx)
"Rev. D" Models
(s/n 83xx to 15xxx)
Gold Medal "Mk I"
(s/n 15xxx to 202xx)
Gold Medal "Mk II"
(s/n 202xx to 26xxx)
(s/n 45xx to 202xx)
King Marigaux
(s/n 202xx to 27xxx)
Miscellaneous Stencils


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